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Beautiful Smiles! 

As well as being healthier these days, we all want to look healthier and younger too! A confident healthy smile has a very important part to play, not only in your appearance to others, but to your own self-confidence and feeling of wellbeing.

The increase in public awareness of the possibilities of cosmetic treatment that was once considered to be the realm of only of Filmstars has been dramatic in recent years. Thankfully, we rarely need to go to the lengths seen on "Extreme Makeover" to improve or restore a beautiful smile. Many cases benefit from a simple, well planned, conservative approach to create sensible improvements without drastic clinical intervention.

We provide a full range of cosmetic dental services including: Smile assessment; Aesthetic filling replacement; Stain removal; Whitening, Implants; Aesthetic Crowns; Aesthetic Bridges; Aesthetic Dentures; Tooth smoothing; Gum recontouring and Tooth straightening.

If you there is any area of your teeth or smile that you would like to consider changing or improving, please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff, or book in for a smile assessment.

Thankfully, due the improvements in dental skills and technologies, much more can be achieved than ever before, often more simply.

10 Simple Changes

Stain Removal

Freshen up your teeth with a thorough removal of visible stains.

Black to White

Replace your old silver amalgams with strong modern aesthetically matched tooth coloured restorative materials.

Chipped or Worn Teeth

Gentle polishing and recontouring of the edges of front teeth can reduce the 'age worn' appearance and rejuvenate them simply, and reduce uneven edge lines, making teeth appear straighter.

Bleeding Swollen Gums

Neither pretty nor healthy. A sign of gum disease that can cause loss of teeth , and is a major cause of bad breath (Halitosis).  With our team approach we can help you prevent all this.

Gap Closure & Tooth Reshaping

Close small gaps between teeth with beautifully aesthetically matched, tooth coloured, non invasive resin-bonded materials.  These involve no damage or conventional preparation of the teeth, and we can usually do a simple 'direct mock-up' on the teeth before proceeding, so you can see the likely result.

Tooth Whitening

Better than ever, the systems we have now offer great, predictable and measurable whitening options for your teeth.  Very durable too, no need for regular treatment and it can all be done at home.

Enlighton Evolution Before Enlighten Evolution After

Missing Teeth

There are now so many ways of replacing missing teeth or filling gaps, from bridgework, implants and dentures, to non-invasive adhesive resin technology.  The challenge is no longer whether we canreplace your tooth but finding which option will suit you best.

Unsightly Old Crowns or Fillings

Replace the old and stained ones that stand out and spoil your smile with beautifully colour matched alternatives.  Painless and simpler than you think with modern technology.

Tartar/Scale Build up

Visit our Dental Hygienist, she is thorough but very gentle and is able to regularly remove the unsightly build up at a frequency to suit your needs.  Then follow your tailored plan to help control its build up after.

Blemishes, Marks and Pits

Usually developmental, we can easily address most of these with 'no drill' technology very quickly, to render your tooth visually perfect.


We also provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry options including Cosmetic Crowns, Bridgework, Implants, Cosmetic dentures, Veneers (porcelain and Direct composite resin).

We are fortunate enough to be able to work very closely with the very best, most experienced, specialist laboratory technicians to create the best result for you, and only when both you and ourselves are completely happy will we fit it.