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New Patients Welcomed 

New patients are welcome at our practice. Please don't worry if you haven't seen a dentist in a while, you won't be told off! If you feel happier bringing a friend with you that's fine too.

We are currently accepting adult patients on a private basis and children under the NHS. A copy of our private schedule of fees for regular patients is listed on the website.

  • Private treatment is for adults only
  • NHS treatment for children only


An initial consultation for a new patient takes around 30 minutes, this includes a full medical history check, an internal and external soft tissue examination to include Oral Cancer screening; A periodontal assessment; full dental charting and Intra Oral images if necessary.  It will also include any x-rays if required. After checking you over thoroughly we will discuss any concerns you may have regarding your dental appearance or past dental care.  If there is any need to provide dental treatment a fully detailed plan will be discussed and provided.   On occasions where there are many issues to assess and address we may plan to see you again, to enable further planning and to five you time to consider your options, before a plan is finalised.



All children are provided with an oral hygiene check, caries risk assessment and tooth brushing/homecare advice.  Diet advice is provided and fluoride applications carried out if necessary.  For our younger patients it is more informal, with a ride in the chair and a sticker.