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Our Dental Services 

Our practice provides a range of dental healthcare services. If you have any questions about your own need for treatment or a specific aspect of our service, please call the dental practice or email us.

Anxious patients
Children's dentistry
Correct bite (occlusion)
Cosmetic dentistry
Crooked teeth (orthodontics)
Crown and bridgework
Dental implants
Denture services
Emergency cover
Gum care (periodontology)
Hygienist Service
Minor oral surgery
Preventive dentistry
Restorative treatment
Second opinions
Specialist referrals

Cosmetic Treatment

As well as expecting to remain healthy longer these days, we all
want to keep looking healthy longer too. We are kept very busy providing a full
range of cosmetic treatments including Tooth Whitening, White filling replacements, Cosmetic crowns and Veneers, Stain removal, Tooth Straightening, Gap Closure, Tooth Implant placements, Bridgework,
Cosmetic Dentures, Chip repairs, Gum Improvement, Halitosis treatment to name
but a few. Please see the "Cosmetic Dentistry" page for more information

Free Private Car parking
Oral Hygiene Products
Limited Disabled Access /Downstairs Surgery
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